The Personal Brand Lab

The roadmap to building an authentic and lasting personal brand

The Personal Brand Lab is not just a ‘nice to know’ high-level program of the various aspects of building your personal brand, but a step by step implementation program that will take you from overwhelm to “I got this!”


“A Personal Brand is the Digitization of your Reputation

– Rory Vaden

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How will I know if this program is for me?

You are an entrepreneur or own a micro-business whose business rises and falls with YOU, and you want to grow your business online

You have a side-hustle or are an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to expand your reach so your customers can find you

YOU are your business: a culinary expert, make-up artist, designer, musician, educator, coach, doctor, therapist, lawyer, speaker, consultant… the list goes on – and you know you could serve so many more people if you could figure out how to show up online consistently, but you don’t know where to start

You are a dreamer with a passion to serve and help others, and stand out for your expertise, and you want to go from dreaming to doing

You’re one or all of the above and showing up online feels scary and overwhelming, but a little voice inside keeps telling you you’re meant for more

If you want to go from “stuck” to “unstuck and get the roadmap that will help you navigate all the factors that play a role in building a solid brand that will capture the attention of your ideal audience, allow you to serve, offer value and change lives, then the Personal Brand Lab is for you!

Here’s what you’ll know at the end of our 6 weeks together

You’ll be absolutely clear on your why, what and how, and will have identified your Ideal Customer Avatar so you know exactly who you’re talking to when you create content.


You will have done an online audit to ascertain whether the way you currently show up online is in alignment with what you want your personal brand to reflect, and how you want to attract your ICA.

You will know what anchor content is, and the various platforms for creating anchor content. You will know how to repurpose your anchor content in order to disseminate it across the platforms of your choice.

You will have learned how to start with list building so you can see results and consistently grow your email list. You’ll know how to create lead magnets and master the tech necessary to deliver your lead magnet, collect email addresses, and deliver valuable content to your subscribers.

You’ll know the basics of building your website. You will be clear about the essential elements to include on your website, and will have learned how to make sure all your online activity leads your audience to your website.

You will know how to leverage the essential online tools to help you become a brilliant content creator and grow your business. Here are some of the tools you’ll learn more about: Chat GPT, Canva, ConvertKit, and ShowIt.

From building a singing career that took me all over the world, to building a marketing business that services clients all over the world, I couldn’t have done it without a solid personal brand that allowed me to pivot and reinvent myself. What I want more than anything is to help you succeed and build the life you’ve dreamed of. Let’s do this!

Always cheering you on…

The Personal Brand Lab

Make 2024 the year you say YES! to your dreams. Our next course is starting soon. Put overwhelm behind you and start growing your business now!

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