Jan 22, 2024 | 0 comments

I was admiring a dear friend’s beautiful home a few months back and was particularly impressed by a statuesque Japanese tree that her lovely porch looked out on. As her home is nestled in the bustling city of Amsterdam, having this outdoor serenity is quite remarkable. Fascinated, I asked her what the tree looked like when the seasons changed, and she mused about the beautiful array of colors as the leaves start falling to the ground when the days grow colder, and the beautiful blossom when the weather starts to warm up after the wintertime.

I could completely envision it in my mind, and it reminded me of a big, beautiful tree just outside my bedroom window. There was one particular summer day that came to mind, when I was engrossed by the beauty of that tree as I opened my bedroom curtains. I took a few minutes to lie back down on my bed and admire it. I realized that I had somehow completely missed its blossom after the barren winter months, and recalled that during those winter months, looking out on this tree stripped of its leaves, sometimes conjured up a certain melancholy – even sadness – inside of me. But as I lay there and admired the lush greenness covering its branches, I suddenly saw a likeness between myself and this larger-than-life tree… It struck me that regardless of how ‘barren’ I might feel when the seasons of life change, there is always the promise of a season that follows where I will once again blossom and bloom in the most majestic colors.

So, my sweet friend, if this season in your life feels barren and devoid of color, remember that your roots run deep and that regardless of how it may feel, you are still that grandiose tree – standing tall and strong. And in no time, you will blossom again.