Hi there!


I’m Maruja

Artist, Speaker, Podcaster, Researcher, Marketing StrategistEntrepreneur, Educator, Lifetime LearnerWellness Advocate, Purveyor of Joyand Mom

Welcome to my world

The music

Chances are, this is how you landed here 🙂 And truth be told, music is probably what I’m most known for, because it’s part of my DNA. I’ve been performing pretty much since I was in diapers. Though that might seem slightly exaggerated, my first TV performance was at the age of 2!

A lot has happened since then, and my music career has taken me on an AMAZING journey: from performing for the Dutch Royal Family on numerous occasions, being musically raised by Gospel greats such as Babbie Mason and Vicky Winans, being honored with several awards for my music and albums, collaborating with world-renowned DJ Tiësto, performing at the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA, singing a duet with the incredible Oscar D’Leon and having him call me his musical God Daughter, to recording a tribute album to the legendary Celia Cruz with some of the world’s top producers and musicians, and having it distributed worldwide by Universal Music, and so much more…

My career has been a dream!

Then “life happened”, and I walked away from it all for over 15 years. But they say what’s meant for you will always find its way back to you… or maybe you find your way back to it!

So, initially with baby steps, then toddler steps, and now slowly but surely finding my stride, I’m making my way back to my first love.

The podcast

I have been blessed to meet so many extraordinary people in my life. The one thing they all have in common? At one point or another, they listened to that incessant voice inside that kept telling them they were made for more.

Sometimes in a quiet whisper, and sometimes thundering through in the form of a major life altering event.

Musicians, doctors, scientists, business guru’s, elite athletes, producers, songwriters, multi-hyphened movers and shakers and ordinary people doing extraordinary things…

I bring you their incredible stories, and throw in solo shows in between, to share some of mine. My hope is that you will be inspired. Who knows… it might just be the push you need to go out and start (or keep!) living out your incredible story.

As the brilliant Nicholas Sparks so eloquently said: “It’s the possibility that keeps me going, not the guarantee.”

And I promise you… possibility is everywhere!

The journey

My life has been a journey with adventures, ups and downs, and many lessons learned. But through it all, the greatest gift has been finding the joy inside all those lessons, and sharing this journey with the ones I love.

I love putting “pen to paper” and jotting down what I’ve learned and continue to learn every day. Mostly they’re just musings, but sometimes I stumble upon nuggets of wisdom that propel me forward and keep me curious about unveiling what’s “just beyond the river bend”.

Whether it be business, music, marketing, health, motherhood, or just life in general, I’d love to share my musings with you. Come along on this journey with me.

The M lab

The M lab is the playing field where my left and right brain come together to create. Allowing me to use my background in media, marketing and research, I’ve been fortunate to work with an A-list of clients globally – from solopreneurs (including award-winning artists) to multinationals. And I get to do so with a group of brilliant consultants, each a powerhouse in their field.

Consumer Insight Gurus, Integrated Marketing Communication Strategists, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Data Analysts, and Solutions Architects – our consultants work, have worked, or have been involved in projects for the prestigious list of clients listed here, among many others. Curious to know more? Check out the lab!

The courses

From building a singing career that took me all over the world, to building a marketing business that services clients all over the world, I couldn’t have done it without a solid personal brand that allowed me to pivot and reinvent myself. I’ve taken my many years of insights gained and the many lessons learned, and turned them into a roadmap that shows you exactly how to navigate this online world and carve out your own space within it, so you can attract those clients waiting to work with you!

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or own a micro-business whose business rises and falls with YOU, looking to grow your business online, or a dreamer with a passion to serve and help others, and stand out for your expertise, who wants to go from dreaming to doing – The Personal Brand Lab is for you. Join the waitlist now!